I am so grateful for the services of Rover Achiever. When my golden doodle, Casey, goes out with Rover Achiever, I *know* she’s out having a good time, getting lots of exercise and that she’s safe — and to me, that means a lot! I love that Casey goes to different places around the city, which keeps it fun and stimulating for her. The Rover Achiever team is super reliable and has helped me out when I’ve needed last minute schedule changes, on more than one occasion.  At this point, I don’t think Casey or myself could imagine not being included in their pack!

Stephanie Tencer


Romping through ravines, parks and even the Brickworks, Rover Achiever likes to mix things up to keep your dog stimulated. Read more

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Dog park life. #torontodogwalker Max 💕🐶. He's so handsome. #torontodogwalker Henry is moving and today was his last day 😢. We have walked Henry since he was a young pup and he turned into such an amazing dog ❤️. He will be greatly missed. We wish him and his mom safe travels and all the best in their future adventures 🐾. #weimaraner We are happy to report Callie's training is going 👍. She loves the 🎾 and is starting to bring it back 👏. #rescuedog #rhodesianridgeback x2. Draper and Khoi 🐶❤️🐶. #torontodogwalker This girl, Chloe 💕🐶. #cavapoo