Rover Achiever | Professional Dog Walkers in the Annex
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Why Choose Us?

We specialize in outdoor adventures.

We take dogs through ravines and parks where it feels like we are far from city life. We believe dogs benefit from being close to nature. High Park, The Brickworks, and David Balfour ravine are just a few of the doggie hot spots we frequent. Whether they are jumping over logs in ravines, following each other on a winding trail through the woods, or engaging in play with friends at parks, dogs in our care always have opportunities to stretch their legs, explore beautiful green spaces and socialize with one another.

Dog trainers. Not just dog walkers.

We believe it is part of our job to send your dog home better behaved and we have the knowledge and skills to accomplish this goal. We know how to reinforce good behaviour so it increases. We know how to curb bad behaviour so it decreases. More importantly, because we only train with positive reinforcement, learning is FUN. Training enhances our adventures. It keeps dogs sharp, stimulated and forms a stronger bond with us. Your dog will come flying at us when we call them, will drop a ball when we ask them, and may even learn a trick or two.

Professionals in the field since 2003.

We’ve been walking dogs for a long time. Over the years we’ve learned a lot about how to keep dogs happy and safe. Experienced dogs walkers know how to read dog body language, manage the interactions of multiple dogs, and only put dogs in situations they will thrive.


Service Area

We provide dog walking services to the following neighbourhoods:

  • Annex
  • Seaton Village
  • Dovercourt Village
  • Christie Pitts
  • Little Italy
  • Trinity Bellwoods
  • Wychwood Barns

  • Group walks: $20 + HST
  • Puppy visits: $20
  • Boarding: $50 per 24 hours
    Boarding services are reserved for our walking clients.