Rover Achiever | 3 groups and some squirrel trouble
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3 groups and some squirrel trouble

3 groups and some squirrel trouble

Dog walking has become so busy that Matt and I are both walking 3 groups a day. That’s 18 dogs. I think both of us feel really hard core lately but it’s definitely time to hire someone new before we burnout. Today KC gave me a hard time. As we walked into the park she noticed the squirrels but so did the other dogs and I didn’t think much of it. When we got into the off leash area apparently the squirrels were still on her mind as she took off to the top of the hill and started going from tree to tree to catch one. She was so locked on this it was impossible to get her attention. I’m worried her squirreling is getting worse and it’s going to make her really unreliable. I know it’s always important to set the tone of the walk right from the start. Mental note: I need to keep KC on leash until she is completely focused on a toy or a buddy at the park.

  • emily
    Posted at 01:14h, 18 January Reply

    I know the feeling… The only reason I’m enjoying the winter is that I don’t have to deal with Elsie’s squirreling!! (Even went to high park last week)
    I’ve got to do some serious recall work and distraction training before spring… as well as keeping up with the gentle leader (she hasn’t had it on for a while… uh oh). I hate cats and squirrels!

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