Rover Achiever | January Dog Walking Highlights
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January Dog Walking Highlights

January Dog Walking Highlights

Smaagodt eating a stick

I’ve put in a request to amend the dog walker restriction at Coronation park between the hours of 10-3, Monday-Friday. We shall see what the Dog Owners Association (DOA) says. It’s been a cold week but we’ve had some beautiful walks in the ravines around Toronto. The new year has brought on a lot of changes. I have a new assistant Matt and he has very little animal care experience so there’s been a ton of training involved. The good news is he’s got a lot of patience and is eager to learn. There’s also been a lot of changes in the dogs as well. Sunny, the young shepherd I walk, was boarded over xmas at Petopia. He started this year off really acting up. The staff at Petopia told Sunny’s owners he was nipping them. When he started back up in January he was now playing a lot of ‘keep away’ with the ball and lunging at joggers. In fact the very first wk I walked him, I put my head down for a second and he lunged at a jogger that ran by us. I’ve spent January getting him back on track: Improving his recall, interrupting him when he plays too rough, redirecting him to retrieving and teaching him to look at me on leash when he sees one of his triggers (joggers, kids, etc). Wow, a lot of work but he’s young and learns quick. We had two new dogs start as well. Leo is a rescue. He spent the first part of his life on the street with a homeless person. We are working hard to teach him to be a good canine citizen, he’s got a terrible case of ‘keep away’ and it’s impeding his recall. Matt and I are both committed to teaching Leo Retrieving 101 to stop his ball thieving and ultimately improve his recall. And then there’s Kaiya, a 3 month husky puppy. Not only is she a beautiful puppy, with the softest fur, but she’s sweet and responsive. The experience of walking/training a husky pup to be off-leash is amazing. I’m determined to make sure she has an excellent recall and always sticks with the pack. Smaagodt, the chocolate lab puppy sliced his paw on one of our walks. I feel so responsible when dogs get hurt in my care. This deep cut needed stitches and several bandages. It took every bit of creativity and persistence to keep that bandage dry and intact with this high energy pup. Today was his last vet appointment and the bandage was finally removed.

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