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BAAAD Ass Day.

BAAAD Ass Day.

Nothing makes me more upset than when I screw up in my training. Today was a bad day and it was my fault. It was a day that I had failed. I went out for a bike ride with Tyson, stopped by my mom’s house and by the time I left, it was dark. Tyson had yet to do his business. In fact as I left my last words to my mom, was I wish that he had gone in her yard. Tyson has always given me a hard time with his #2’s. For some reason. He needs space and will rarely go in a yard, or on leash. If he doesn’t go, he will wake me up in the middle of the night, which wouldn’t be so bad if we had a yard but we don’t. So every day my goal is to get him to do his business before bed time. That is why on our way home, I decided to do something which I knew was a bad idea – let him free in the schoolyard to have the opportunity to do his business. I didn’t see anyone so I didn’t bother putting him on a long line. But just as he was about to do the deed, I noticed a golden retriever puppy coming right toward us. I run over to grab his long lead, and realize that I have no idea where the remote for the collar is. I am struggling to put on his long lead when he notices the puppy. He is looking at me to get rewarded and his treats are 10 ft away in the basket of my bicycle. Suddenly, Tyson tugs on the long line. Because I had accidentally attached the long line to the citronella collar instead of his regular collar, the citronella collar breaks and Tyson goes after the puppy. The owner starts screaming at her dog Dexter, I am yelling at Tyson, ‘THAT’S ENOUGH!’ and Tyson is making a heck of a lot of noise as well. And then it is over. His usual drama, a lot of noise and no damage. She apologized for her dog approaching us. I apologized for Tyson’s reactivity. I just walked away feeling very sad and frustrated. I did everything wrong. I wasn’t prepared with my citronella collar, my treats, my long line and it was dark so I wasn’t aware of my surroundings. I shouldn’t have let him offleash. Period. I had set both myself and my dog up for failure and I know better. I am so mad at myself. Tyson is in his crate now and I’m going to have a tea.

  • hyedie
    Posted at 00:14h, 10 February Reply

    you are so candid and open with your blog posts!! it’s really nice to read because i can relate to every aspect of this post!!

    i can’t tell you the number of times i left trinity bellwoods in tears after duke attacked a dog or got into a scrap.

    i’m glad that andre found your blog b/c it’s awesome and peppered with wonderful photos!!

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