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Balls- or No Balls

Balls- or No Balls

The Dogs In Parks strategy has been modified to now allow un-neutered males in the park. I’m really not sure who makes these decisions or who was pushing for this change. Breeders? Who else would want unfixed males in the park? Certainly not dog walkers. We all know that an unneutered dog’s high testosterone level can make him the target of harassment or aggression from other male dogs. Doggie daycares all require that dogs be neutered by a certain age. Isn’t the goal to encourage everyone to spay/neuter their pet? This one throws me for a loop.

  • hyedie
    Posted at 04:07h, 11 March Reply


    i thought a by-law was passed 2 years ago in toronto stating that all dogs that were off-leash had to be neutered?

    is this a city of toronto initiative? can we write to a councillor to have this reversed?

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