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Beyond Cesar

Beyond Cesar

riley I’ve seen a lot of dog walkers who don’t know a thing about training, and yet they think they do, because they have the Cesar Milan box set. As another sign just went up at a local park clearly stating -NO DOG WALKERS ALLOWED, it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. This is 100% related to the fact that most dog walkers don’t have training experience and can’t manage 6 dogs. Dog walkers that let dogs charge at other dogs, lunge at joggers, steal other dogs toys, and aggress at other canines, need to take responsibility for their packs and start to learn some real training techniques. It’s a bad reflection on all dog walkers and not fair to anyone who is sharing the park. Why not start by picking up a book by Jean Donaldson or Karen Pryor? I wish The dog walking permit would require more than just a $200 fee. How about a basic training test. Here’s the first question, who is Ian Dunbar?

  • Emily
    Posted at 22:46h, 23 April Reply

    Answer sheet
    Question #1: One of my personal Gods.

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