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Booty talk

Booty talk


Cody getting belly rubs

We were in our rally-o class when I overheard some women commenting about Tyson’s hind awarenes. I don’t know why this amuses me maybe it’s because the last time I remember reading about hind awareness, the author was said that in the dog’s mind, their anatomy consisits of two front legs and genitals, the rest is a mystery. When we were in our beginner agility on Thurs, D got the same hind awareness compliment. I credit this ‘talent’ to all our work in freestyle. The scoots, the tucks, the sidesteps have really paid off; these dogs can really move their tush. One of the goals of my blog is to demonstrate some training videos but I have yet to figure out the technical side of this so I instead of keeping the post as a draft (as it has been for the last week or so), I decided to publish it sans video. That will come… I promise.
As a foundation behaviour hind awareness is important for a straight sit in heel position, it is common for a lot of dogs to sit wide – with their bum turned out. In rally-o this hind awareness stuff creeps up in the different heeling patterns and the sidestep right. The dog has to know how to move that rear end to get in straight and close with his handler. Funny thing, I thought it would be cute to take a pic of their bums for the post. Well that was a training exercise in itself. It’s one thing to get a dog to stay for a photo straight on. But taking a photo of their butts in a stay is another story, particularly because I’m not super camera savvy and needed to figure out how to turn the flash off. The whole time they kept turning around (and breaking their stay!) trying to see what mama what up to. At the end of it the shot turned out too crap to post. What shot would look good focused on a dog’s anus?

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