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Can Anyone Be a Dog Walker?

Can Anyone Be a Dog Walker?



Yes, but not everyone can be a good one.

My 22 year old brother is back from Thailand and wants to do some dog walking. Great. We get along really well and he loves dogs. But when I asked him if he wanted some books to read he said, hmm are they boring? Can I learn stuff? So like most people he thinks dog walking is easy and that he’s natural with dogs (aka Cesar). Funny enough, when he was out helping another dog walker the other day, one of their dogs bolted at High Park. This husky ended up crossing roads to get to the zoo (hope he wasn’t planning on finding dinner there)! Crazy things happen as a dog walker and the more you know, the more prepared you are. Dogs are not 100% reliable. They can bolt, fight, bite kids, trip joggers. They mount, snap, roll in dead stuff, and spook. They are complex animals. Which is why…
A good dog walker instills an excellent recall in their dogs.
A good dog walker gets dogs off the path for joggers, bicyclists, kids, groups of people.
A good dog walker knows how to read Canine Body Language so he/she can prevent incidents
A good dog walker recognizes negative patterns in dogs so he/she can prevent them
A good dog walker teaches dogs alternative behaviours to replace the bad ones.
A good dog walker recognizes there’s a lot to learn.

So my bro’s getting some books this weekend. I think I’ll start him off with the Jean Donaldson’s Culture Clash. I want him to take some notes and there may have to be a little pop quiz later 🙂

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