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Chicken Strips – Not Safe

Chicken Strips – Not Safe

I once bought a bag of chicken strips from Costco. When I realized they were from China I stopped buying them. I was under the impression that this bag, sold at Loblaws, was manufactured in Canada. There’s a notice going around from a vet clinic that dogs may potentially be getting sick from these strips – particularly the ones from Thailand and China (see below). Upon futher research these Vitalife strips are in fact from china.

Chicken Jerky Treats and Your Dog
We are asking all dog owners to avoid feeding their dog chicken jerky treats after several cases have recently been reported where dogs are developing serious side effects after consuming these treats.
The products in question appear to be manufactured in Canada, but imported from China or Thailand. Multiple brand names have been indicated.
Symptoms such as, but not limited to: decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, and increased water consumption and/or increased urination have been observed.  Blood and urine tests may show kidney impairment.
The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association has received multiple reports at present of otherwise healthy dogs who are developing kidney disease after the consumption of chicken jerky treats.  One severe case has resulted in the dog being euthanized. The autopsy of the euthanized dog revealed a toxic substance in the dog.
To ensure your dog’s health is protected, please refrain from feeding any sort of chicken jerky treat, especially those imported from China or Thailand, until more information can be found as to whether they are responsible for these potentially life threatening reactions.

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