Rover Achiever | Coronation Park continues…
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Coronation Park continues…

Coronation Park continues…

CaseyThis was the response that I received from Peter Leiss. He continues to give me no info about why the dog walker ban was put in place.

Thank you for your email regarding the Coronation Off Leash Area.

The following should help in understanding the issue and clarify some of the issues raised:

1. Commercial Dog Walker(s) were in attendance at the meeting April 15th 2009 at 7:00 PM. This meeting was well attended
2. This meeting was advertised in accordance with the Dogs and People in Parks policy as passed by Council.
3. There is no expectation/requirement within the Policy that Commercial Dog Walkers are to be advised of these meetings.
4. Stanley Park is fenced on three sides including King St, Wellington St and Walnut. The hours at Stanley are as follows:
Hours of Operation:
October 1-May 1: 6am-11:59pm, Monday-Sunday
May 1-October 1: 6am-6pm; 10:30pm-11:59pm Monday-Friday
6am-2pm; 10:30pm-11:59pm Saturday-Sunday
5. Trinity is not fenced however the OLA is the bottom of the bowl area which is a natural barrier. The Trinity OLA is open when the Park is open. 5:30 am – 12:00 AM Midnight
6. The Policy is clear that all dogs must be under control at all times. Any dog that is not under control must be leashed.
7. The OLA are designed for the use of Dog Owners in the neighborhood. There is no restriction to the use by people and dogs from outside of the neighborhood. The Coronation OLA had specific restrictions on Commercial Dog Walkers placed on it at the request of those in attendance at the meeting. This was further identified by the Dog Owners Association to be contained in the Condition of Use.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

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