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Coronation Park

Coronation Park

There’s a new off-leash park that’s opened up at Strachan and Lakeshore called Coronation Park. It’s large and fully-enclosed and would be a great option for me to take my group. Well, what a lovely surprise to see the sign that states NO DOGWALKERS ALLOWED. So I followed up with Peter Leiss, parks supervisor and he responds, “This condition was put in place at the request of the Dog Owners Association and forms a part of the Conditions of Use. There are two Off Leash Areas within 2 kilometers from Coronation Park that allow Commercial Dog Walkers. The first is at Stanley Park 1.2 K away and the second is Trinity Bellwoods 2 K away.” So in other words the Dog Owners Association decided that dog walkers shouldn’t be allowed to use their park. Why? because we can use another one. Now I’d understand if it was a busy residential area and noise would be a concern. Or if it was too small. But neither is the case. There’s no legitimate reason that we can’t use that park. Life is all about choice. Would anyone want someone telling them that the can’t shop at Loblaws because Metro is around the corner from them? We choose to go to different parks for the benefit of our dogs. And if anyone should have the choice to go to a fully-enclosed off-leash area, it should be dog walkers. If a primary concern of the new Dog’s In Park Strategy is safety, why ban dog walkers for the spot that best meets this stipulation? Ok here’s a fun multiple choice question. If you were taking 6 dogs to a park to play would you take them to:
a). Stanley park – a park that is open at several points to busy King St and borders a Swine Slaughterhouse
b) Trinity Bellwoods -a busy scene with tobogganers, joggers, yoga classes, mommy and me stroller classes, skateboarders, joggers, kids running at large, and no fencing.
c) Coronation Park – a quiet park, bordering the lake, that’s fully fenced in, away from the road, with no kids in sight.

And what about my permit? That yearly $200 expense that is supposed to go towards the parks I use, or in this case, the parks that I am forbidden to use.

I’m going to do everything I can to amend this condition.

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