Rover Achiever | CPDT Certified!
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CPDT Certified!

CPDT Certified!

Today the results of my exam arrived and I have earned the Certified Pet Dog Trainer designation through It was important for me to become certified because I am self-taught and wanted to make sure I had covered all the basis in my professional training. I also want to promote the certification process.

According to CCPDT, “Certified Professional Dog Trainers with the CPDT-KA designation have earned this credential by demonstrating their knowledge and experience in dog training. Each professional dog trainer who earns the CPDT-KA designation is required to achieve a minimum of 300 hours teaching classes, providing private dog training, and working with dogs before being permitted to sit for a psychometrically sound written examination. The written examination covers all facets of the dog training profession, including canine ethology, the science of learning theory, animal husbandry, classroom management and technique, and more.”

So when a client sees the CPDT designation, it’s their assurance that they are getting an experienced and knowledgeable professional, and someone that is committed to the well-being of dogs.

Now here’s the gushy part. I want to thank my Puggle Tyson for being such a ‘challenging’ and lovable companion. It was on the path to resolve his problem behaviour that I became a good trainer. Thanks Tyson.

On the subject of problematic Puggles…. While scouring a facebook site to raise money to fight the Pitbull Ban, I found this highly amusing comment someone wrote with regards to the ban:

“I think this is disgusting – I had a pitbull who was like a baby…wouldn’t hurt a flea – and I’ve got a puggle..(little nightmare from hell)”


  • Andre
    Posted at 17:43h, 18 April Reply


    Congratulations Julie!!!

    It is funny, every dog trainer I met through KPA has a dog with behavioral issues. Usually on leash or general dog aggression. It seems to be a common thread… I thank Duke every day for helping me find something I can devote my life to.

  • hyedie
    Posted at 02:56h, 20 May Reply

    Just catching up on your blog and WOW!!!


    Next week, Andre says that he’ll take Duke out of ‘All About Dogs’ so that I can come by and say hi to you and Ms. D.

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