Rover Achiever | FAQs
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Do You Do Puppy Visits?

Yes! Call us to discuss how we can ensure that your puppy gets successfully housebroken, and doesn’t spend too much time in his crate. Because we realize that one 30 minute visit is often not enough to ease the stress of this difficult period, we will do our best to accommodate your puppy by bringing other puppies to play with him, give him some time in the car, or take him to a safe backyard. We will work together to make this period as stress-free and safe for your puppy as possible. Under the guidance of your veterinarian, we will slowly integrate your dog into group walks.

How many dogs go out in a group?

The legal limit of dogs in a group in Toronto is 6. Our groups consist of either 5 or 6 dogs.

Will you clean my dog when he is dropped off?

Yes, your dog will get a quick towel dry and his paws wiped.

How are your walkers trained?

All walkers get a lengthy training process including general dog handling, positive reinforcement training, equipment, car safety, and emergency protocols. A new walker will shadow an experienced walker for several weeks at the park, before they take dogs on their own. All Rover Achiever walkers try to meet up throughout the day. It’s more fun for the dogs when they have all their best friends to play with and it’s always nice to have a helping hand from another walker.

Is your company insured and bondable?


Do you have a dog walker’s permit?

Yes. We carry a commercial dog walker permit.

Do you require proof of his vaccinations? Licensing?

The vaccinations are under the guidance of your vet as long as your dog has had his yearly appointment and has been deemed in good health he is welcome to join the group.

We require that all dogs are licensed by the city of Toronto and wear a tag. You can license your pet online here.

Where do you take the dogs?

We take the dogs to several off leash areas throughout the city. Our favourite spots include the Humber, the Brickworks, and Cherry Beach. We also have our own secret spots – even the dogs are sworn to secrecy.

What kind of activities will my dog be doing?

Ravine walks, running, wrestling, retrieving, and exploring. We do our best to go to a different park every day of the week. We need stimulation just as much as the dogs do and we love taking the groups on new adventures.

Do you do boarding?

We are happy to board dogs that are part of our group walks.