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For the love of Puggles

For the love of Puggles

I'm just a puggle.

Who knows why we love the breeds we do. It’s a great mystery to me why someone would want a Great Dane or why someone else prefers a Miniature Poodle. So I really have no idea where my obsession with Puggles has come from. But I just loooove Puggles. I just started dog walking a new Puggle puppy named Charlie. This little guy just looks up at me with his big brown expressive eyes and melts my heart. Please don’t make me have to give him back after his walk. Now just because I love Puggles doesn’t mean that I’m encouraging anyone to get one. In fact, I don’t think Puggles are easy dogs at all. The first time I met Charlie, he didn’t even want to come out of is crate. He is highly aware of his surroundings and strangers. Tyson is extremely aware of his surroundings. For instance the teenager he noticed yesterday that was staring at our pack that made him feel threatened enough to almost bite him. Of course I’m generalizing now, there’s tons of variation within any breed. I’m sure there are easy-going Puggles out there. I’m still waiting to see how Diggy (the puggle Emily walks) turns out. Next month I’m going to board and train a Puggle named Duke. He has leash aggression and looses his marbles every time he passes another dog. Wow, we are going to have two Puggles in the house. Good thing my husband also shares a loooove for Puggles.

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