Rover Achiever | Has your dog won the lottery?
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Has your dog won the lottery?

Has your dog won the lottery?

DSCN3045The other day I overheard someone in my class say that being a dog is like winning the lottery. Hmmm, they have a point. That is, if you’re one of the lucky dogs that live in a good home. When my husband comes home from work we have a good laugh when he asks the Tyson the puggle what he did today. And I say,
He slept in
Leisurely woke up and had some breakfast,
Went to the park to play frisbee
Had a nap
Went for a walk with all his buddies
Had dinner
Had a kong with some goodies
Got some belly rubs
Played some tug
Had another nap
Went for a late night stroll
Had some cookies

Wow, what a day! And that’s his typical day. The extra special days are on the weekend when we go hiking for hours. So let’s face it, Tyson has a great day almost everyday. Now I didn’t mention that I make Tyson ‘work’ a little bit for his food. But if you are an owner that doesn’t implement any training in your daily routine, than it is likely that your dog has ‘won the lottery’ and never has to work a day in his life. Sounds kinda nice. Maybe.

Ok so now is the part where I tell you that winning the lottery is not ticket to happiness,something you’ve probably already heard. So are our dogs happy for getting the best things in life for free? That’s a topic to explore on another day. I got lots of stuff to do. Bills to pay, Dishes to wash, Recycling to take out. Meanwhile Tyson is curled up on the couch. Winning the lottery or not, it truly is A Dog’s Life.

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