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Holy Coyote

Holy Coyote


Last month I visited a park by the Humber river where I heard a strange ‘dog’ barking at my group as we all played off leash. This dog had a high pitch bark, mixed in with some howling. While he wouldn’t get that close to us, he also wouldn’t let up. He sounded distressed. We put all the dogs on leash and I held them while Emma went to find this dog. I also called Toronto Animal Services (TAS) to report a lost dog or to find out if anyone reported a dog missing at this park. Emma was never able to get close to him. Today I was back there with my group and we were having fun, when I heard this yip yip yip followed by a howl. This time I was able to get a closer look. He was not a lost dog but in fact a young coyote. I have no idea what his intentions were – whether he wanted to play with my dogs, protect his territory or draw one of them to his den. As soon as I leashed my dogs I took a moment to stand and stare at him in awe. Face to face with this amazing animal he really looked like he could of been part of my pack. After I left I called TAS again but was disappointed to hear that no one else has had interaction with him meanwhile I’ve now seen him twice! Then I called another dog walker, who I’d seen frequent the park occasionally and warned her. She confirmed that sighting and told me that 3 weeks ago she also had an interaction with this ballsy little guy. He approaches the dogs, barks at them, entices them and then retreats. Amazing, exhilarating and frightening all in the same breath. Dog walking…certainly not just an average day job.

I’m now updating this post to mention that toronto animal services has confirmed that they found this coyote dead recently. I wish I knew what happened to him.

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