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Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

With temperatures soaring over 35C, it was super hot here in the city this week. It’s been very stressful trying to make sure the dogs stay cool. The days when I had time to drive to the beach the dogs wouldn’t leave the water – they loved it. Other days, we sat in the shade often at Trinity Bellwoods which now has a hose, yippee! Between dog walking, training, and boarding, Rover Achiever seems to be very busy. At night I’m exhausted and there’s no holiday in sight for me this summer. I think it’s time to find another walker to help Matt and I and I’m starting to post some ads. Now that I’ve had a chance to recover from our freestyle weekend, I’ve got some new training goals. It was definitely apparent at our trial that Tys and D are just not good enough in their crates. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never fully worked my way through crate games. It’s time to get these dogs to be happy campers in their crates so I can take them more places. On the Freestyle front we have a little performance coming up at All About Dogs and I’ve started practicing our routine again. One of the things that stood out from the freestyle weekend was that Tyson’s bow was not under good enough control. Watching this Bernese Mountain Dog who stayed in a bow for what seemed like a minute, really made me realize how much room we had for improvement. To strengthen Tyson’s bow I am working him on an ottoman. I’m trying to teach him how to get into a bow position from a down. With Tyson already in a down, I’m placing the treat halfway down the ottoman so that he has to shift his balance and lift his bum to get to it and then clicking when his bum rises. It’s actually been kind of funny seeing him struggle to understand what I want while having so little control of his behind. I needed a break after all our hard work prepping for the freestyle event, but it feels really good to start practicing again and the dogs are super enthusiastic to work.

  • emily
    Posted at 01:34h, 19 July Reply

    an excellent little performance! The pictures weren’t so blurry as we thought, I’ll send you a bunch to post!
    Elsie says she wants to do freestyle too.
    I just have to get more focused on training stimulus control rather than just shaping behaviours… Today Arlo was half way across the mini-dog walk, and started looking at his armpit happily. (His most recent trick, “smell your armpit”, obviously needs more work on cuing…)

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