Rover Achiever | Jun 28 Trial
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Jun 28 Trial

Jun 28 Trial

We got our novice title!!! We scored 199 out of 200. Then we passed two advanced trials -just barely. In the words of the judge “we made her think” both times. The first advanced trial, Tyson got shy when he did his Stand For Exam and took a couple of steps away from the judge. We lost 10 points. The second trial involved the dreaded food bowls. They were positioned right after the jump. Tyson did the jump, noticed the food bowls and did a beeline for that direction. He reluctantly came off them with coaxing. Also lost 10 points for that one. Overall, I’m happy we passed. It’s was hard to prepare for advanced where we were still in Novice and I haven’t purchased a jump yet. I wasn’t too worried about the food bowls originally because when Tyson is heeling he is quite focused and I figured I could keep his attention. The jump through me for a loop. When we practiced the jump in the rally adv class, we always tossed a treat ahead to encourage the dog to jump straight. At the trial Tyson did a beautiful jump and voila there was his reward, right in front of him in the form of food bowl. Overall it was quite fun. I was surprised to see some people struggling with dogs that continuously wanted to leave the ring or were so slow that they exceeded the time limit. One of the best qualities that Tys has is he is always ready to work. The next trial is 2 months from now. We have some practicing to do.

  • Emily
    Posted at 00:21h, 01 September Reply

    smooth!! (aparently I haven’t looked at your site for a bit…)

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