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Macho Macho Man

Macho Macho Man

Furniture designed for eating Kongs

I’m training a new dog walker (Emma) to join our crew. We were walking into the park with our leashed up k9’s when I alerted her to an approaching dog and his owner. Armed with our toy (for Sunny) our treats (for Tyson), we were able to maintain focus and reward as they passed without incident. Behind us was another dog walker that I know. Seconds later there was a scuffle and I heard her say “DUUUUDE….WTF!!!!!”. I hate being smug but why did I know that something was going to happen with this approaching dog/owner if we didn’t take precaution? So I proceeded to describe to Emma what she should look out for. She coined it the MACHO MAN SYNDROME. Here’s the 10 ways to identify a MACHO MAN and his unfortunate dog.
1. He has his dog on a choke collar or prong collar.
2. His dog is always over 50 lbs.
3. His dog has been transformed to look scarier. In this case it was a Dobi with cropped ears. Dobi’s with floppy ears are much cuter.
4. He is male and between 20-30.
5. He has an off-leash dog in an on-leash area.
6. His dog is obviously intact.
7. He never picks up his dog’s poop. According to him, it will melt(?) when it rains, or oops, he forgot a bag.
8. His recall to his dog involves yelling.
9. If his dog misbehaves he gets pinned.
10. His dog has a ridiculous name like Punisher.

There’s nothing you can do when you have a run-in with this kind of owner. He can’t be educated. So your strategy is to avoid him at all costs. By the way I seriously regret ever naming my dog Tyson. My next dog will for sure have more of a pansy-like name and hopefully a more gentle disposition.

  • akismet-7d91b5f708cb925c82336fd4bf7755a0
    Posted at 10:44h, 22 June Reply

    And 11 through 15…

    11. He’s wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt and a big Baseball cap.
    12. He smells like he took a shower in cheap cologne.
    13. His dog intensely stares at every other dog because the only time the dog has ever interacted with another dog is his once monthly trip to the park where the poor dog proceeds to mug everyone due to his or her lack of social grace.
    14. He stands at the edge of the park totally disconnected from his dog once it’s off leash playing Angry Birds or texting somebody.
    15. If you saw him on the street, the word “douchbag” would automatically come to mind!

    • Julie Posluns
      Posted at 20:16h, 22 June Reply

      I think we met the same guy.

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