Rover Achiever | Nanny 911 for dog training?
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Nanny 911 for dog training?

Nanny 911 for dog training?

My neice Lotus sharing some quality time with her pug Olive

When I watch Nanny 911 my husband scowls. “We don’t have kids, why are you watching that? Explaining to my him that I watch Nanny 911 because I’m fascinated by behavior modification seems far fetched. But the truth of the matter is, there’s nothing to learn from watching the dog training shows as they are typically about bullying dogs through punishment which is not a strategy I practice.
When I turn the channel to Nanny 911 – no choke chains allowed, these nannies have to resort to using their brain to help modify children’s bad behavior – what a concept! The strategies they use to improved they dynamics in the house include providing exercise, mental stimulation, reinforcing good behaviours, and setting a healthy routine – just to name a few. Now this is a show I can relate to.

But my husbands words resonated in me and I always felt like the nanny shows were some sort of guilty pleasure, until I read Gillian Ridgeway’s excellent article As seen on TV . In reference to dog training shows on tv, Gillian remarks, “You don’t see pop up windows on Super Nanny, which would be a better show to watch for lessons on modifying behaviors in general.”
Thanks Gillian. My thoughts exactly. Time to go PVR my show. I can now watch Nanny 911 guilt-free because I’m learning.

  • Andre
    Posted at 01:53h, 19 April Reply

    Lotus is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

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