Rover Achiever | Dog walking – it’s not a glamourous job.
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Dog walking – it’s not a glamourous job.

Dog walking – it’s not a glamourous job.


Cooper Brunswick, always keeping us on our toes.

When Rachael first came on board to manage Rover Achiever there were a few days where dog walking was no walk in the park. This story is one of my favourites. Rachael started her day off by taking her crew of K9’s to a ravine near Mount Pleasant. Of the 6 lucky dogs was a big yellow lab named Cooper Brunswick (we have 3 Coopers in Rover Achiever, so we use their street as their 2nd name). Cooper went for a swim with his ball and as a lot of dogs do, dropped his ball in the water to pursue other activities. Rachael noticed the current carrying the ball away. Now, most dog walkers will go to great lengths to rescue a Chuckit ball and Rachael was not about to let this expensive toy float away. Shoes and socks off, she entered the cool waters to fetch the ball. After a successful mission, Rachael got back on land, and returned to her shoes to discover that one of them was now missing. There, standing in the middle of the water was Cooper Brunswick, holding her now sopping wet shoe in his mouth. Needless to say, there was more swimming in Rachael’s future that day and an afternoon of dog walking in one soggy shoe. Dog walking, it’s not glamorous but it’s definitely entertaining.

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