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The Rover Achiever Team



Julie has been walking and training dogs in the Annex and Little Italy since 2004. She knows the trails and ravines in Toronto like her own backyard and she loves nothing more than spending time outdoors with a pack of canines. Two years ago she returned to school to pursue a Masters degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology at Memorial University in St. John’s, NL. The Rover Achiever dogs are an important part of her thesis on the interactions of unfamiliar dogs. Once her thesis is completed, Julie aspires to achieve the Associate Animal Behaviourist designation. Julie is not only passionate about proper care for dogs and cats, she strives to be a strong voice for the welfare of all animals. Julie spends way too much of her free time training her cat Jone-Jones.

Julie Posluns

MSc. Candidate Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology

Matt has been a Rover Achiever Adventure Tour Guide since Dec 2009. He loves being active with the dogs, tossing balls and getting his whole group engaged in play. Matt is a positive thinking guru. He applies his studies of the psychology of positive thinking to both dog walking and when helping others achieve their athletic pursuits. After the the hustle and bustle of his group walks Matt loves to take a leisurely stroll with his 17-year-old rescued Chihuahua, Gramps. In the evening, Matt moonlights as a comedian and brings lots of laughs to the two-legged kind.

Matt Kowall

Dog Walking Adventure Tour Guide

Tanya Hauck has been working for RA since March 2013. For Tanya, the biggest perk of dog walking is that she gets to spend the day with her own precious rescue pup, Cote. Tanya loves being outdoors by the water with the dogs. In the summertime, she lives at the beach walking dogs in flip flops. She and her pup Cote welcome lots of other dogs into their home for boarding and the inseparable duo also enjoy housesitting. When Tanya is not busy caring for dogs, she's either watching baseball or sneaking off to LA to hang out with her friends.

Tanya Hauck

Dog Walking Adventure Tour Guide

Originally from Alberta, Rachael loves living in Toronto and exploring the city with a pack of dogs. During the day you can find Rachael hiking through a ravine with her pack in tow. In the evenings she is a clicker training instructor at When Hounds Fly, a local dog training school. When she’s not snuggling and doling out treats to other people’s dogs she spends her time tossing a ball and training her own pooch, a Viszla named Oscar. Outside the world of dogs, Rachael will impress you with her musical talent – she plays the accordion, and her ability to do way too many push-ups.

Rachael Johnston

Karen Pryor Certified Trainer (KPA-CTP)

As a former tree planter, Emma has always gravitated to working outdoors. When she heard about a career that involved working at parks in the company of dogs, she came running. For the last five years Emma has garnered extensive animal care experience. Today, she is not only an excellent walker, but she is also an asset in integrating rescue dogs, training new puppies, and managing dogs that need a bit more direction. With no dog to call her own, Emma has a lot of love to give to her four-legged companions on the job. At night after she retires her outdoor gear, she suits up in a bit more funky attire and drums for the local band Blimp Rock

Emma Tollefsen

Dog Walking Adventure Tour Guide

After working at a boring desk job for far too long, Patrick decided he wanted to spend more time outside, being active and in the company of dogs. Not only does Patrick love the physical challenges of a dog walking gig, he also loves being mentally engaged; training dogs, and making sure everyone is safe and happy. In the evening Patrick swaps his dog walking gear for bike riding gear and does 40-60 km as a courier for Foodora. He spends the rest of his time eating (to replenish the calories he burned) and hanging with his girlfriend Ariel and their two rescued kitties.

Patrick Joyce

Dog Walking Adventure Tour Guide