Rover Achiever | Reactive Dog-Beginner Eye Contact
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Reactive Dog-Beginner Eye Contact

Reactive Dog-Beginner Eye Contact

IMG_3630Where your dog is looking will dictate his behaviour. If a reactive dog is staring at his target, he is making decisions about whether or not he will react. If you watch great training, the dog is always looking at the handler. In contrast bad training – the dog will not give the owner eye contact. I

1. Luring Eye Contact
In a non distracting environment with a handful of yummy treats lure your dog’s attention by bringing a treat from his noise to your eyes. Do this several times. If the dog is responsive cue the “look” command right before you draw the treat.
Goal: for you to say the word look and your dog looks in your eyes

I love exercises of control for dogs. We want our dogs to exercise control instead of being pushy. Teaching them control means that they can’t just react with their instincts. Teaching them control + eye contact will help teach them a natural response to an uncomfortable situation.

2. Arm extended – Eye Contacted
With a treat in your hand bring your arm straight out to your side, drawing your dog’s attention away. When Rover turns and looks away from your hand and into your eyes, click and reward.

3. Leave the cookie -Eye Contact
Put a cookie in you hand, wait for your dog to back off. say Yes, and reward. Continue to practice this until your dog doesn’t fuss with your hand. Now up the bar on the criteria. Rover not only has to back off but he has to give you eye contact as well before he gets the reward.

  • lili
    Posted at 08:10h, 16 November Reply

    I have only just found your blog and am going to bookmark it!!! This is fantastic. Thank you!
    – Lili

    • Julie
      Posted at 01:26h, 17 November Reply

      thanks for your feedback.

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