Rover Achiever | Review of the Pitbull Ban
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Review of the Pitbull Ban


Review of the Pitbull Ban

This wk was a review of the pitbull ban. It’s been 5 years since the ban passed legislation.
The following articles were published this week reviewing the ban:
• Toronto Life: Michael Bryant’s pit bull ban fails to totally eliminate dog-on-human violence: THS report
• Toronto Star: Pit bull ban hasn’t cut dog bites
• The Globe and Mail: Pit-bull ban hasn’t reduced bites: THS
It’s a fact that no professional dog trainer would ever support the pitbull ban. But my feelings about the ban really hit home when I got to know Winnie. Miss Winnie is a little pittie cross that joined my group this year. Her owners rescued her from the states. This little girl melts my heart. She is the sweetest, most precious dog. She is gentle with all the other dogs in the group. She is slightly fearful of people, but she is highly trainable and responsive. In other words, she is the perfect dog. I can’t even bear to think about all the ‘Winnie’s’ whose lives have been destroyed because of the ignorance and stupidity that prevails with the public regarding dogs. And that douchebag Michael Bryant who spearheaded the ban deserves all of the bad karma that’s followed him. Lucky for me Winnie slipped through the cracks and is part of my pack. She comes out on daily adventures and is an excellent canine citizen. When her walk is finished, Winnie climbs on top of the crate in my car and rests her head and snores. When I drop her off she brings her kong downstairs for me to put a cookie in it. My day is so much better because of Winnie.

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