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So Whatchaupto?

So Whatchaupto?

Rally-o Practice Session

Here’s what’s going on with me and the dogs these days. We’ve got a Rally-o trial at Superdog Central on Nov 29th. Tyson needs one more leg at advanced to get his title. Delilah will be entering novice. I’ve been busy getting them both ready for the trial. Last trial, Tyson almost failed the Stand for Exam. He got a little spooked when the judge touched him. So I’ve been practicing doing ‘weird’ things while he’s in the stand like brushing him, putting gloves on his back, walking over him, getting people to touch him. The hard part is finding people to practice with. It’s always the setups that take some planning. Tyson also struggled with the food bowls at the last trial. The judge said, “I’m putting in a really boring cookie – a milk bone.” Tyson, said “Thanks so much, I looooove milkbones, if no one else wants that, I’ll take it.”
I’ve been working hard polishing Delilah’s commands which is long overdue. I find her harder to train than Tyson. She’s always anticipating the next command or loses focus. If I’m a sloppy trainer with her, she gets confused, while Tyson seems to understand me even when I’m not really sure what I’m asking him to do. It’s also D’s first trial ever. Emily is coming with me so that will be helpful as she can manage one of the dogs while I trial the other. Yippee, I finally have a training buddy.

So what else are we up to (or as I say to my dogs when they are being trouble makers..whatchaupto)? Dance class with Cassandra’s Canines ( on Wednesday at the Pawsway. It’s supposed to be beginner but it attracted a bunch of trainers. Cassandra caught on quick that this was a more advanced group (including Gillian Ridgeway, owner of Who’s Walking Who and a bunch of her staff), and we were dancing in no time. Her classes are always awesome. They are fast-paced and extremely inspiring. All cues are with voice because regardless of what your arms are doing (and they should be moving!) your dog needs to respond to your voice. Unfortunately, my voice commands are kinda lacking right now.

And if that’s not enough….we have a frisbee class in Mount Forest (2 hrs away) on Saturday with Angela Ewtushik, a disc dog champion. I love frisbee and this is my chance to get some excellent training. I think it’s worth the drive!


Ahh, It feels good to write all that down. It’s a lot but all exciting and there will be lots of new training posts to report our successes (wishful thinking!) Stay tuned.

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