Rover Achiever | Spring is here and that means…
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Spring is here and that means…

Spring is here and that means…

FRISBEEEEEEEE. For anyone looking to get an awesome toy for their four-legged love, checkout the Chuckit Ziplight. Not only does it fly really well, but it’s soft, durable and easy to grip for tug. For dogs just getting started at frisbee this toy is perfect for rollers and it bounces as it rolls. Tyson is totally smitten with his new toy. photo (2)

  • whenhoundsfly
    Posted at 19:32h, 22 April Reply

    Ahh he is getting all white faced just like my old boy Duke too

  • bullinthecity
    Posted at 18:20h, 24 July Reply

    Agreed this Frisbee in surprisingly durable. My Sharpei x lives for tug and actively tries to destroy things and this has held up well

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