Rover Achiever | Training A Reactive Dog – Loading the clicker
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Training A Reactive Dog – Loading the clicker

Training A Reactive Dog – Loading the clicker

IMG_3797I’m going to devote this months post to beginner steps to training a reactive dog. I think any reactive dog can benefit from clicker training. Why? Because using a clicker lets a dog know when they’ve done something right and reward will follow. When you have a reactive dog everything happens so quickly, you dog can be staring, barking, lunging, huffing when they see another dog. It’s your job to catch him when he’s being good, particularly before he starts being reactive. It might be a split second when he turns and looks at you before he decides to bark. With a clicker you can be a lot faster at catching him in the act of being good and letting him know that he will be rewarded.

Let’s start by loading up the Clicker. It’s simple. Just click and treat. Do it 10-20 times. When your dog hears the click and turns and looks at your for a treat, you know that the clicker now has meaning and you are ready to start your training.

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